Access training


Calculation and processing functions


Use integrated functions for data calculation or processing in forms and simple selection queries. These concepts will be used in the queries training, as well as VBA for MS Access training.

Creating and managing tables


This training is intended for users needing to create a database structure with MS Access for queries, reports, macros, etc.

Data replication


Create replication design master, global replica, local replica, anonymous replicas for travelling profiles or for massive usage of a MS Access database.

Database modelling


Provide attendees with the appropriate knowledge and tools (RDBS, SQL...) to analyze corporate data. The attendees will be able to plan appropriate steps for database design. They will also learn the basic and essential terminology for database management.



Create basic or complex forms allowing database users to work efficiently with tables, requests, status, diagrams, pivot tables, pivot table charts, etc.

Foundations for users


This training is intended for users who need to add, modify, search and export data in an existing MS Access database, using efficient methods. However, the attendees will not learn how to create or modify a database structure.



Users willing to learn how to automate procedures such as import/export data or the execution of requests through forms, or push MS Access limits with the user interactivity through the forms graphic interface. Every type of macro will be learned through small practical exercises and a macro group will be created to resume the whole training.



Get tools and knowledge to create the most common corporate queries. Sort, filter selection or synthesis, analyze and do statistics. Attendees will be able to read and write basics of Access SQL



Learn to use and fine-tune the reports wizard, as well as customization and advanced manual reports creation with formulas or VBA code, including diagrams with data when needed. Attendees will also learn usual techniques to ease the creation of customized reports based on standard or advanced requests.

Trainings, Courses available in Chicago, Dallas, Geneva, Huston, Los Angeles, New York, San-Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, Zurich and anywhere in Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Germany.