Minitab training


Analysis of time series (chronological)


To gain insight into Minitab's basic capabilities in analyzing univariate (temporal) time series for forecasting in the most common areas of application such as management, finance and logistics.

Data manipulation and elementary statistics


Discover Minitab elementary tools and oprtions regarding to the work environment, handling basic data for calculations, graphs and simple statistics (uni or multivariate) in the most common application areas such as management, finance, production, quality, engineering or R&D.

Design Of Experiments (DoE)


Apply the Black Belt / Master Black Belt statistical tools level necessary for process optimization (or even design/packaging) that are based on scientific experimental results for R&D in order to achieve a clearly defined purpose and specific performance in industrial, administrative or marketing field.

Parametric and Nonparametric inferential statistics and hypothesis tests


Studying how to put in practice with Minitab statistical tools of undegraduate and graduate level for non-point analysis and parametric and non-parametric inferential hypothesis for uni or multivariate data for all areas in the services, industry, R&D and sensory analysis.

Quality Control and Analysis (Six Sigma)


The purpose of this training is to the basic statistical tools (TQ3 / Green Belt level) of quality analysis available in Minitab for companies applying statistical process control (SPC) in the field of production, administration (lean Office), supply chain, engineering, human resources, marketing, management or R&D.

Trainings, Courses available in Chicago, Dallas, Geneva, Huston, Los Angeles, New York, San-Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, Zurich and anywhere in Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Germany.