Adobe Photoshop training


Clipping Images


The goal of this Photoshop workshop is to learn all clipping techniques often used in professional environment as part of image processing (video clipping excluded).

Concepts and use of the scanner


Avoid falling into common traps of scanning with MS Word, MS PowerPoint, for archiving or image processing, thus creating significant further problems.



Being able to produce quality and optimized images to be integrated into the graphic channel for reports, presentations, catalogs or for private use.

Image Processing


The goal of this workshop is to learn Photoshop basics for image processing at work on a daily basis, for further use in reports, slideshows, etc.

Trainings, Courses available in Chicago, Dallas, Geneva, Huston, Los Angeles, New York, San-Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, Zurich and anywhere in Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Germany.