MS Windows Training - MS Windows 7: Configuring 50321E


MS Windows Training - MS Windows 7: Configuring 50321E in Geneva, Zurich, Huston, San-Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco and anywhere in Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Germany.

ID : 701

Goal : This instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to install, deploy, and upgrade to Windows 7. Additionally, students should be able to configure pre-installation and post-installation system settings, Windows security features, network connectivity applications included with Windows 7, and mobile computing. Students should also be able to maintain systems, including monitoring for and resolving performance and reliability issues.

Audience : This training is intended for administrator who have at least one year of experience in the IT field, as well as experience implementing and administering any Windows client operating system in a networked environment. Students should have a basic understanding of Windows PowerShell syntax.

Prerequisites : Before attending this training, students must have a basic Understanding of Windows PowerShell syntax, network and at at least one year experience in IT field, particularly in IT support and administrator area.

Goals :
  • Introduction
  • Presentation of MS Windows 7
  • Installing Windows 7
  • Upgrading to Windows 7
  • Deploying Windows 7
  • Configuring Hardware in MS Windows 7
  • Configuring Network in MS Windows 7
  • Configuring Applications in MS Windows 7
  • Configuring Mobile Computing in MS Windows 7
  • Remote Management in MS Windows 7
  • Configuring Access to Resources in MS Windows 7
  • Configuring Security in MS Windows 7
  • Configuring Backup and Recovery Options in MS Windows 7
  • Training Conclusion
Suggested duration for presentiel training (days) : 5
Suggested duration for on-line training (days) : 6

Daily price in face-to-face : 3100 CHF
Daily price in remote : 1488 CHF
Daily price in remote for students : contact us (only if student card!)
Daily price in remote (with recording) : 15500 CHF
Prices are per day per trainee without course material, without certificate, without evaluation, without exam, without training room or computer (these are each optional and must be requested in addition in the contact form for the establishment of the quote).

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