VBA (MS Office) Training - VBA Foundations

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VBA (MS Office) Training - VBA Foundations in Geneva, Zurich, Huston, San-Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco and anywhere in Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Germany.

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Goal : Understand and learn how to use objects, classes, methods, properties,and basic common events of various libraries from MS Office applications in independant routines.

Audience : This training is intended for attendees needing to learn VBA basics for routine automation.

Prerequisites : Strong experience in computer use preferred, as well as good algorithmic knowledge and extended basics in mathematics, having a good abstraction level is definitely a plus.

Goals :
  • Introduction
  • Concepts and Usage
  • Define routine and authentication certificates security level
  • VBA Editor and objects explorer introduction
  • Object concept definition
  • Introduction to language grammar and syntax
  • Variable types presentation
  • Logical and comparison oprators presentation
  • Define how to use variables (Leszinsky/Reddick)
  • Variables lifecycle, procedures and functions
  • Create and manage modules,Create functions and procedures
  • Use events
  • Setting parameters methods
  • Error management and debugging
  • Create a dialog box
  • Project creation
  • Training Conclusion
Pedagogical method : A certificate will be awarded to each participant who has attended at least 80% of the training.

Suggested duration (days) : 1

Daily price in face-to-face : 750 CHF
Daily price in remote : 300 CHF
Price per day per trainee without course material, without certificate, without evaluation, without training room or computer

Tags : VBA training, visual basic application course, module, class, procedure, function, variable, global variable, VBA editor, events, event procedures, errors.