SPSS Training - Foundations

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SPSS Training - Foundations in Geneva, Zurich, Huston, San-Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco and anywhere in Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Germany.

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Goal : This course introduces the statistical package IBM SPSS by focusing only on the data management aspect of the software (input/output, clean/format variables) and the various input/output methods (reports, charts, code). This course is the basis for next statistical course techniques in IBM SPSS.

Audience : Undergraduate students, HR or Marketing analysts, Psychologists.

Prerequisites : Undergraduate level in mathematics or equivalent and trainees are supposed to already know all mathematics and assumptions behind each topic. Since the course includes demonstration and hands-on use of a software, participants should master file management in MS Windows/Mac based personal computer.

Goals :
  • Introduction
  • SPSS application fields and alternatives
  • Discover the GUI
  • Major software settings
  • Use online Help
  • Import data
  • Import *.csv data
  • Import *.xls data
  • Import data from a RDBMS
  • Comment a dataset
  • Cleaning and post-treatment
  • Input data
  • Properties of variables
  • Select datas
  • Recode variables
  • Visual grouping of a variable
  • Generate a rank variable
  • Create numerical calculated variables
  • Create temporal calculated variables
  • Simple data treatments
  • ...
Pedagogical method : The training is based on small practical exercises based on the training book.

Suggested duration for presentiel training (days) : 2
Suggested duration for on-line training (days) : 2.4

Daily price in face-to-face : 1050 CHF
Daily price in remote : 504 CHF
: nous contacter (uniquement si carte étudiant)
Daily price in remote (with recording) : 5250 CHF
Prices are per day per trainee without course material, without certificate, without evaluation, without exam, without training room or computer (these are each optional and must be requested in addition in the contact form for the establishment of the quote).

  • Title : Discovering statistics Using SPSS
  • Author(s) : Andy Fields
  • Pages : 915
  • ISBN : 1446249182

Tags : spss, training, course inferential statistica, anvoa, quality, surveys, data, analysis, charts.