MS Power BI Training - Visuals and Charts

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MS Power BI Training - Visuals and Charts in Geneva, Zurich, Huston, San-Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco and anywhere in Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Germany.

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Goal : In this training, participants will learn how to use (creation, drilling, filtering with slicers / drop-down lists, or "what if" sliders and interaction control) and customize the graphics available in Power BI and will focus only on this aspect (no formulas, no data imports, no data cleaning, but only on the use of visuals!) and on the management of some traps. In total about 350 different types of graphics/visuals will be studied, whatevwer they are default graphics, or made with R or Python. This is an advanced training in data visualization for those having to build high added value and state of the art dashboards. This training prepares participants for the Power BI 70-778 certification and also for the Power BI Services training.

Audience : This training is mainly intended for engineers, business analysts, data analysts and financiers or data scientists. We recommend that any company that is interested in training its employees only to the use of graphics/visuals in Power BI Desktop to contact us to customize the training! In no way this training will teach you how to use Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate or Microsoft Power B

Prerequisites : It is highly recommended, but not mandatory, to have followed the previous training on Power BI Desktop. Having completed basic training on R and Python is highly recommended since many graphics require writing script / computer code.

Goals :
  • Introduction
  • Quick presentation of the different families of graphs/visuals ("graph continuum") and common graphs/visuals (and remark about the Power Apps and Power Aut
  • Different types of slicers and related subtilities
  • Cards, KPIs and Gauges visual types and related subtilities
  • Tables or Matrices visual types and relative subtilities
  • Scatter plot graph types (with or without zoom / with or without error bars)
  • Confidence Ellipses graph types
  • Star graph types
  • Cleveland graph types
  • Stem-and-leaf graph types
  • DotPlot graph types
  • Lollipop graph types
  • Sunflower graph types
  • Jitters or Gigue graph types
  • Vectorials graphs types
  • Bland-Altman control graph types
  • Bagplot graph types
  • Sticks graph types
  • Bar graphs types (stacked or not, grouped or standardized, back-to-back with or without error bars)
  • Histograms graph types (stacked or not, with adjustment curve or not)
  • ...
Pedagogical method : This training is based on exercises mainly imposed by the trainer or on client files if the data and requests related to it have already been sent at least two days before the training.

Suggested duration for presentiel training (days) : 5
Suggested duration for on-line training (days) : 6

Daily price in face-to-face : 2000 CHF
Daily price in remote : 960 CHF
: nous contacter (uniquement si carte étudiant)
Daily price in remote (with recording) : 10000 CHF
Prices are per day per trainee without course material, without certificate, without evaluation, without exam, without training room or computer (these are each optional and must be requested in addition in the contact form for the establishment of the quote).

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