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MS Office Visio Training - Foundation in Geneva, Zurich, Huston, San-Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco and anywhere in Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Germany.

ID : 573

Goal : Learn to use the standard tools available in MS Visio to create quickly, efficiently and rigorously any kind of diagrams (flowcharts, organizational charts, maps, graphics, networking, microelectronics, etc.).

Audience : Anyone who starts with MS Visio.

Prerequisites : Participants must be comfortable in using the keyboard, the mouse and the handling of files in MS Windows Explorer.

Goals :
  • Introduction
  • Presentation of the applications areas of the application, its UI and Online Help
  • Creating and saving Visio drawings (under various formats)
  • Page setup of a drawing sheet (scales, units, shadows, etc.) and printing options
  • Defining headers and footers
  • Manipulating sheets (rename, insert, delete, move, background)
  • Creating *.vst corporate template and saving options (workspace)
  • Opening a stencil and searching shapes (document stencil)
  • Stencil creation methodology
  • Tools for shapes creation (geometry, formatting, connexion points, grouping, alignement, distribution, custom properties, etc.)
  • Writing and formatting texts and using fields
  • Difference between the user and developper Visio mode
  • Creation of hyperlinks and action shapes to link drawings
  • Generating HTML or MS Excel reports using custom properties
  • Activating windows: explorer, zoom, properties, size and position
  • Using guides, rulers and snapping properties
  • Using styles and layers
  • Protecting shapes, sheets and layers
  • Discovering the ShapeSheet and Numbering Macro
  • ...
Pedagogical method : This training is mainly based on practice but without using a job or specific subject oriented exemple.

Suggested duration for presentiel training (days) : 2
Suggested duration for on-line training (days) : 2.4

Daily price in face-to-face : 325 CHF
Daily price in remote : 156 CHF
Daily price in remote for students : contact us (only if student card!)
Daily price in remote (with recording) : 1625 CHF
Prices are per day per trainee without course material, without certificate, without evaluation, without exam, without training room or computer (these are each optional and must be requested in addition in the contact form for the establishment of the quote).

  • Title : MS Visio: User's Guide
  • Author(s) :
  • Pages : 160
  • ISBN :

Tags : visio training, visio cours, orgchart, MS office visio, ishikawa, process, flowcharts, itil.