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Goal : This training provides hands-on experience with performing statistical data analysis with MATLAB and Statistics Toolbox. Examples and exercises demonstrate the use of appropriate MATLAB and Statistics Toolbox functionality throughout the analysis process, from importing and organizing data, to exploratory analysis, to confirmatory analysis and simulation.

Audience : Quality Engineers, Quant. Analysts, Biostatisticians, Statisticians, Reliability Engineers, Supply Chain Managers

Prerequisites : Knowledge of mathematical aspects, limitations and parameters of Bachelor/Master/PhD level statistical models (no maths will be explained during the training!)

Goals :
  • Introduction
  • Convert imported data to datasets
  • Clean messy or missing datas in datasets
  • List and change dataset variable names
  • Change dataset column orders
  • Select subset of datasets (filters)
  • Clean duplicates
  • Remove/Add variables or observations from/to datasets
  • Change variable name
  • Sort datasets
  • Merging datasets,Random sampling
  • Plot Histogram/ECDF/PDF
  • Plot Box-Whisker plots
  • Plot Q-Q plot
  • Plot multivariate density probabilities (Gaussian Copula)
  • Grouped stats
  • Geometric mean and mean excluding outliers
  • Percentile, Quantile, Interquartile range
  • Probability univariate distributions
  • Mean or Median absolute deviation

Pedagogical method : A certificate will be awarded to each participant who has attended at least 80% of the training.

Suggested duration (days) : 5

Daily price : 625 CHF
Price per day per trainee without course material, without certificate, without evaluation, without training room or computer

  • Title : MATLAB
  • Author(s) : Vincent Isoz
  • Pages : 1337
  • ISBN :

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